Sunday, 29 May 2016

Transformers Combiner Wars Bruticus, Part 2; Blast Off: We need a Doctor here!

It took them 30 years, but they finally did it. They finally fixed the problem of "Why is there a space shuttle on the army guy team?"

Part two of Bruticus, and now we come to his right arm, Blast Off. Who is a repaint, and repaint of Slingshot (or rather, Quickslinger) who is a remold of Fireflight (Firefly). The mold reuse is real here people. At least he still looses to Vortex who's been Alpha Bravo, Blades, Vortex, and the twins in Victorion.
False advertisement, that landing gear is not purple on mine!

Starting with Jet mode... and unfortunately Blast Off has been diagnosed with two, not fatal, but very dangerous illnesses for Cybertronians. He has RUJS, or to use its full name. "Robot Under a Jet syndrome". Granted, Vortex wasn't much better, but at least Vortex did try to hide his legs and feet. Blast Off, from the bottom, hides nothing except for his thighs. At least he's better at it then Silverbolt, who we've yet to find a cure for him (Because Gen 1 fan boys don't want change, and as such no one wants to try giving him a Jet mode that can actually fit him and hide him). From the top though, he is a convincing fighter jet, wings look a little small though. As long as you look at him from the top, he's fine... its any other angle that breaks the illusion. At least he has a landing gear, which is completely useless as his knee pads stand him up.

To Leg mode and, like Vortex, he's a compressed jet passing off as a shin. But at least your Bruticus could have a killer knee spike.

Arm mode: Like Vortex, its half a jet with robot mode legs serving as the lower arm. And like Vortex, its a pain finding something to do with his arms. Using the official configuration, you can hide them, but you limit his outward movement, he won't be able to do a T-Pose. It's better on Vortex though as you could bend his arms back, and use them as side missiles. Here.. you've got nothing, so its a case of pick your poison.

Robot Mode, and here we learn that he also has RWJB, "Robot with a Jet on his Back", and with the amount of range on his head and the combiner peg, you can also give him a Hunch back. But overall, its a very good robot mode. Some of the joints on mine are a little loose, so I do prefer Vortex more of the two arms. But that's just because of my copies of the them. My big issue with this robot mode is the back pack, mainly because I'd like it to be a bit more compressed. Adding in some more hinges, to fold the wings up more, allowing the arms to move more freely would help a lot. At least he's still a step up from Armada...

Blast off is still a good figure, but I think he's the weakest of the limbs. Some of it's my copy of the toy, others are just limitations, for simplicity. I'm all for the simpler transformations, but I'd prefer a few more steps just to add to the functionality of the toy. Part 3 of Bruticus will be Swindle, and come Wednesday: The Last Stand of the Wreckers. But to break up all the science, let's dabble in some magic, some mystique, and perhaps something a little Strange.

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