Sunday, 8 May 2016

PSA: May content plans and beyond (and finally furfilling a promise)

So there are some things on the way this month that I should bring up. Don't worry, none of it bad.. I hope...

As many of you would know, as according to blogger, most of my audience is there, the summer holidays are coming up for America. This will mean Marissa is going to have a lot more free time coming up. How much, no idea. But she does have some plans during the free time, one of them being a review of the anime Zoids, so that's something to look forward to sometime soon.

A joint project both Marissa and I are working on has been given the name of the Mediaholics Cinema. We're going to start doing movie commentaries. The current plan for this is to have both a video and an audio file of the commentary, but in order to not have the copyright bot go after us, the movies won't be in the videos, you will need to find copies of the movies in question. Sorry, but I don't want to be slammed by the copyright bot... probably still will anyway, but one step at a time.

Last sunday, I released the addendum review for Hyrule Warriors Legends, Well, the reason for it is because more weekly content is coming. The planned schedule is for Wednesdays to stay the same from me, Sunday's to be for more smaller things, such as PSA's like this one, Addendum reviews, First impressions and maybe music reviews if I have any, and a new thing from me, Toy reviews.

I am going to say now though, Toy reviews won't happen often, and will probably be selective. The reason being is because doing toy reviews is really expensive in the long term, so I'll only be reviewing what I naturally pick up. I do have plans to review the Transformers Combiner Wars Bruticus, I did promise a review of Energon Perceptor Mini con team, and I am going to be picking up other things, such as some of the Titans Return line, the new wave of BIONICLE, Amiibo reviews will probably happen, things like that. I have told Marissa about this, and she may be doing some as well, but again, its what we naturally get in some way.

So yeah, that's what's coming in May, Hope you all enjoy it, and I'll see you all for the Dark Phoenix Saga. Before I do go, it is Mothers day today for me, so to my own mother, and to any others who do read my work, who aren't from that particular group, a happy mothers day to you, hopefully you can get some rest and relaxation

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