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Opening Adventures; Rick and Morty: Time for a science question...

This show is aimed more at a maturer audience, airing on Adult Swim. As such, the language used in this review is meant for a more mature audience.

What do you get when you mix Back to the Future, with crude humor? You'd basically get this. I've had this on my radar for a while now, ever since December 2014, always with teh intent on giving this a proper look. I still haven't, but hey, that's what Opening Impressions are for, judging how well the opening episodes of a show work to sell the show. So let's see how well this show does it.

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At time of writing, I've seen the first three episodes of Season 1, so as the title implies, THIS IS NOT A FULL REVIEW OF RICK AND MORTY. To potentially give the review away right now, I don't get it.

The story is very Slice of life, in terms of structure. The episodes primerily revolve around Rick and Morty, with occasional cuts to the other family members. However, that Back to teh future comparison isn't un called for, as while it may sound bland, it goes off the walls quickly, in a crude humor sort of way. Episode one revolves around getting some large seeds through alien customs, episode two has dogs almost take over the world while throwing in Inception, both figerativly, and literally, it gets name dropped. Episode three... well, imagine if Jurasic Park was in a human body, and the exibits were viruses. It's not even subtle about it, the park is called Anatomy Park. I'm almost dreading episode four: "M. Night Shaym-Aliens!"

I'm also not a fan of the animation, it'd probably my lean towards children's animation, but the colourful, yet crude animation hasn't really appealed to me. I'm not a fan of the teath always being shown when talking, the pouting face Morty does a fair bit, and that everything just feels flat. Nothing pops out, even in shows like The Simpsons and Futurama, its all 2D animation, yet it feels 3D, you feel that the characters have substance to them, which I don't get here, though that could be me.
Reminder, this is from Adult Swim, as evident by the trees.

I don't get it, visually its bland, the comedy's questionable, and often leaning close to the Bayformers "appeal to the masses" dumb comedy. The voice acting gets a bit annoying, not to the extent of Lumpy Space Princess, but up there, with the worst of it being, ironically, Rick and Morty... yet it works, I find it funny. There is a level of charm here that many similar cartoons just ignore. Many come off as spiteful, almost as if they're so ashamed of being cartoons that they ignore what makes cartoons work. Yet here, they embrace it, albeit in a more crude way. Some jokes excluded, I find episodes 2 and 3 brilliant. I had a good time watching them, 3 more so then 2, I just find the concept funnier.

I think the best way to look at it is that Rick and Morty's a Junk food show. Pick it apart, and it falls apart. But turning your brain off, and it's great, while still having a sense of class in comparison to something like modern Family Guy... Alcoholic, insensitive, and boarderline asshole. Thankfully not quite as bad as Cartmen from South Park, who's a fucking asshole. I'll get to that one eventually, still working on a way to tackle it, along with Simpsons, Futurama and Doctor Who. As for Rick and Morty? Just for the sheer lunacy of it, I recomend it, but only depending on age. Again, crude humor. Come Sunday, Combiner Wars Vortex (/ Combiner Wars Helicopter mold).

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