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Top 20 Bayformers bot predictions

While I am still working on Man Of Steel, suffice to say, that preparations for next week have been putting a toll on it. I'm delaying Man of Steel for a day, to bring it up to snuff. So in the mean time, something quick, something easy, a top X list... Yes I do still try to do those. For some reason I've had Bayformers on the mind, not enough to watch them again, wouldn't even if I had the time. But with 3 new movies already in the works, with release days, may as well do a bot prediction on them. The quota for these choices are
  • Personal opinion
  • How much attention they've gotten recently, from the TV shows, games, and comics
  • How they could be used in the movies
  • Do they fit Bay's quota, based on the last four movies
Would I like to be wrong about some of these following comments, yes, absolutely yes. But I am basing these off of the last four, and stories of his other films. This is going to be interesting...

20. Windblade

Windblade is here based on how she's been used. As some background, she was made based on a series of polls Hasbro did. Fans could decide every aspect of her with the exception of the engineering. Her name, gender, vehicle mode, colours, weapons ect could all be picked. As such, she's started to get some prominent roles. She's a main character in the IDW comics, Robots in Disguise 2015 and in a Machinima exclusive series coming soon. Would it be safe to assume that Hasbro would be pushing for her inclusion in the movies? Yes, if that was the only factor, she'd be a shoe in, and one I'd like to see. However, I bring your attention back to Revenge of the Fallen. Remember how Arcee, Elita 1 and Chromia were used there? Yeah, its safe to assume that these movies pander to the young boys audience, as evident by every female character in the movies, bland explosions ect ect. If Windblade gets in, the best thing she'll be is Cannon fodder.

19. Blaster

No, my online name did not come from this character. Autobot Blaster is one that could have some interesting uses in the story, being that he is the Autobot version of Soundwave, having his own cassette bots. What I fear though with Blaster is that personality. You see, while in the G1 cartoons, Blaster did tend to speak as a DJ, radio master and all that. Given the track record, that could easily be turned into the new Jazz, Skidd and Mudflap. Easily avoidable, but do recall these movies aim for the widest possible audience, and its easier for them to write a stereotype then it is to write an interesting character.

18. Insecticons (Shrapnel, Bombshell and Kickback)

If you're going to have cannon fodder cons, you may as well have cannon fodder cons that people actually give a damm about over "might as well be a drone number 1,000,000". Besides, they're a swarm, just design them as insects and you'll have fans excited.

17. Springer

Why was Drift a Tripple changer in the movies. Also, how do you get a Helicopter out of a Bugatti Veyron? Generic Chineese/ Japanese ish accent aside, it probably would have worked better as Springer, or at least have some level of design in it. Including that physics insult of a triple changing idea, why would a, clearly asian inspired character, transform into a German car? This is sounding more and more racist as I go so, cop out, I'm keeping the exact culture for the accent as vague as possible because chances are, I'd get called out for a false identification anyway. So if you have to have a triple changer, why not go for the actual Autobot Triple changer. Just give it a land mode that could realistically turn into a helicopter and I'm good.

16. Protectobots (Hotspot, Groove, First Aid, Blades, Streetwise, and if you want to include them, Heatrock and Rook)
Heatrock and Rook are not pictured here

Expect a theme to show up. Do recall, dear reader, that the Autobots are trying to protect inferior species, trying to protect us in these movies. Are they doing a good job at it? Not really, no. Even the movies want you to remember Chicago. At least these would give the illusion of trying to protect us, they are called the Protectobots after all. And if they must wreck cities, you've got Defensor. Just make him look better then Devastator. Please? 

15. Red Alert

We need a replacement Ratchet. If we don't get First Aid, can we have Red Alert? Also, honorable mention, Knock Out?

14. Brainstorm

I openly admit this one is more for design, besides, Headmasters turning Transformers into mech suits. Why not? It cannot be as bad as Transformium.

13. Dcepticon Justice Division (Helex, Kaon, Tarn, Tesarus, Vos, The Pet, Nickel)

WE NEED DECEPTICONS THAT HAVE PERSONALITIES! Besides, you could easily do a plot revolving around Galvatron vs the DJD. I would pay to see that, besides, you've seen them in the comics?

12. Tidal Wave

I openly admit that this is one I wanted to see in RoTF, and when they had the shot of all the ships being destroyed by The Fallen's army, I was hoping one of them would be Tidal Wave. He turns into his own navel battle fleet, that's awesome, and would scratch Bay's army porn obsession. Speaking of:

11. Combatacons (Onslaught, Brawl, Blast Off, Swindle and Vortex)

The guy has an army porn obsession. A large chunk of his movies paint the army in a positive light. Yet no one has told him about the Decepticon army team, the Combatacons? He still hasn't found them yet? Am I missing something? That could have happened in Movie 1. Ok, maybe not Bruticus, but still. What is he, stubborn?

10. Unicron

One reason, and one reason only. Ignoring the fact that he is a god of destruction. Ignoring the fact that he's one of the two planetformers. The main reason he's here is because of one thing. It would mean the end of these movies. Where do you go from there?

9. Omega Supreme

If we can't have a planetformer, can we have a Titan? Besides, the Autobot Super Weapon, the guardian, one of the wisest Autobots around. This bot has done those and everything in between, you could do a lot with him.

8. Nova Prime

The fallen prime. No, not the first Decepticon, but by no means is he an Autobot, or what you'd define as an Autobot. Just take a lok at this extract from TFWiki:
"Once the elite soldier Nova Major, he led the unification of a divided Cybertron, ascending to leadership of his people. An expansionist and a supremacist, Nova Prime believed that Transformers were the greatest among all life forms and that they should bring their glory to the myriad of lesser races throughout the universe. 

After being sucked into the Dead Universe, Nova was chosen to be the host for the Darkness, an otherworldly counterpart of the Matrix of Leadership which worked by transforming the inhabitants of the Dead Universe into undead wielders of anti-life. Upon merging, Nova was reborn as the sinister and extremely powerful Nemesis Prime. He now sees it as his mission to fulfil the Darkness' imperative by expanding the Dead Universe's hold into the living realm." The story just with that alone writes itself.

7. Jhiaxus

If you're bringing in Nova, you're bringing in Jhiaxus, at least if you follow the IDW continuity. Nova's Strategist, mentor to Shockwave, and a scientist without morals. You'd be a fool to go against Jhiaxus, especially with what's he's made.

6. The Seekers (I'm not going to list them all, Starscream's been repainted that many times)

Decepticon cannon fodder that we actually care about?

5. Ultra Magnus

See number 4.

4. Rodimus (Prime)
I like the Energon design, and if I found a good pic, Red Alert would have been the Red Alert I know, from the Unicron Trilogy

With Optimus traveling the stars, because trucks can fly? The Autobots need a leader, preferably one that can talk, so get one of the two previous leaders, that I know of at time of writing due to how well known they are, that are still alive. I do know Magnus was going to be in Dark of the Moon, but do remember, these movies aim for as big of an audience as possible, they don't care about that, and they could easily have Magnus in, and Rodimus hasn't appeared in the Bayformers movies at all yet. In writing this, I am seeing rumors of Magnus coming in this time, but I need to wait for more conclusive news.

3. Superion and Menasor
Superion on the left, Menasor on the right

I admit that these two are two of my favorite G1 combiners, and if they were going to do a combiner v combiner, I want them to do these two, even if it just means we can get a good looking team of Aerialbots and Stunticons. I just wish I had the money at the time to get the Combiner Wars teams, they don't look great in my opinions, but they're still good... overall. (They aren't in my local stores any more, its hard enough just trying to complete Bruticus).

2. Scourge

Hate to break it to Decepticon fans, but chances are most cons are going to be cannon fodder, Scourge and the Sweeps are probably going to be in that category. What makes it worse is that Scourge is a pretty good character.

Honorable mentions

1. Dropshot
Couldn't find cool artwork of him :(

2. Sixshot

3. Vector Prime

4. Trypticon

5.  Hot Shot

6. Bulk Head

And the number one Bayformers bot prediction is...


 I do however make an exception for Cyclonus. For Cyclonus is to Galvatron what Starscream is to Megatron, minus the treachery. If any decepticon has a chance at having a personality in the Galvatron era, its Cyclonus. To say nothing of the fact that Cyclonus has a design almost, if not more icconic and as awesome as Shockwave, Soundwave and Optimus. Alas, only time will tell, and if they're making there own cons like "Stinger", then there's a chance none of these characters will make it.

So that's my list, what's yours? (If you still watch these movies or care enough to say). See you on Thursday for Man of Steel, and come back every two days for a new piece of content, Zelda week is almost here after all.

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