Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Green Lanturn: The Animated Series: Green Lanturn Bulkhead at your service

I am still working on Batman The Animated Series. Sit tight, its on the way. In the mean time, have a bit of filler (brought about by the YT copyright bot's questionable flags). Green Lanturn: The Animated Series.

Unfortunately, this and Beware The Batman were cut short, so there isn't much to talk about. There are two main arcs in this single season. The first: Red Lanturns want to destroy the Guardians, so its up to the main characters to stop them. The second arc, Manhunters and either the Antimonitor or Aya want to destroy the universe. No joke, that's about it. There are smaller stories in each, leading to the main characters getting a lot of fleshing out, but considering it could have been worse, the season couldn't have finished at all, had no closure, it does the job.

Most of the development goes to the four main character, Hal Jordan, Kilowog and Razer, and they are solid characters. A personal problem though is in relation to Kilowog. You can tell your bubble of viewed content is small when you stop seeing the characters as the characters, instead seeing them as other characters. In this case, Bulkhead from Transformers Prime, thanks in part to the voice actor, Kevin Michael Richardson. I should state, he is a great voice actor, its not a problem on his end, more so my own. Same goes for Star-Lor... I mean Deadp... I mean Bumbleb... I mean Prince Rangar.

Animation and sound design wise, the show's great, and goes to show what modern 3D animation can do for TV shows... now that we've gotten over the whole awful texture phase. All the voice acting, even when similar, works for the show, leading to some great deliveries ("I just wanted to see you fight the squirrel"). Sound effects are also spot on and the music is... ok. The intro theme is great, but that's about it, as it never really stood out in the show itself.

The show looks more impressive then it is, and I think a part of it is that it never got a chance to take off. The first season of any show is rarely the best one, if ever. If only it wasn't tied to the live action movie's poor toy sales, then we might have had more then one season. But alas, it went the way of Young Justice.

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