Wednesday, 16 March 2016

D.C.M.M.M: Man of Steel, also known as Jesus Symbolism and Bloom lighting, the movie

This, this movie, this product, is the reason why Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice has so much to prove. I'd personally like to just get to it, so here's Man of Steel.
Even the poster has bloom lighting?

The plot is padded, but simple. As it asks one thing, what does it mean to be Superman. Yes, this movie is about pondering life's choices. When one should use power, when one should not, what it means to protect others ect. What? You thought the point of the movie was to stop Zod? Sorry to burst your bubble, but Zod is basically this movie's equivalent to Midnight Sparkle, not even that as to be more accurate, a tutorial boss. He's there for the sake of the final battle, that's it. The whole movie is basically pondering what it means to be Superman, and for the love of Primus it comes off as pretentious. Everything is explained over, and over, and over, and over again. The main reason I delayed this by a day is that I genuinely struggled to get through this because of all the explaining. It was boring for me. Even the finale, thanks to Bayformers, was boring for me, combined with characters that I felt nothing for, and you've got a waste of almost 2 and a half hours.
I promise you I didn't edit these at all

What also added insult to injury for this movie is the cinematography. I will say that the Kryptonian tech, world and animals, look really good, I think the first part of the movie looks the best visually. The rest of the movie can be summed up visually as Bloom lighting, its all over the scrapping place and it took me out of the experience. I'm fine with a bit of bloom every now and then, but I swear it was happening almost every 10 minutes at least, with several times it took over the whole dam screen. It's distracting, and with other lame tricks like shaky cam, mindless destruction in the final third, at best, of the movie, and awful voice delivery and acting (I'm getting sick and tired of unnecessary WHISPERING), and you have what would normally be classified as a train wreck of a movie. Is it the worst thing I've seen? No, I've seen worse. But it is boring, badly shot and edited, padded, and a contender for the worst movie I've seen for this site. Shall we break from DC for a bit for Zelda week?

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