Wednesday, 9 March 2016

D.C.M.M.M: The Dark Knight Rises: Wait, didn't he do that already?

The end of the Dark Knight Trilogy, at last. But, where do you go from the critically acclaimed "masterpiece" that is The Dark Knight? Well, for me, The Dark Knight wasn't flawless, still good, but not flawless, and this movie is seen as many to be worse... Primus help me...

Major spoilers for this, have you played Batman Arkham City? Well, take out all the fluff with Joker, Penguin and Two Face, replace Dr Strange with Bane and Raz with Talia Al' Guhl and you pretty much have The Dark Knight Rises plot. No joke, that's basically it. Bane wants to release all of Gotham's Crime, which has been locked up thanks to the Harvey Dent act put in place 8 years ago. The reason? To Run Gotham into the ground so that he can blow it up with a nuclear bomb, with a newly revived, after being broken, Batman trying to stop him with the help of Catwoman. Still not seeing the Arkham City similarities? Hey, at least I can actually summarize this one. I do like this plot for the sincere simplicity, its not trying to be more then it is, for the most part. Though it could have done a few more rounds in the editing room, there's a lot of fat that could have been trimmed out.

Casting is also quite good, with returning actors staying true to their roles from the past movies, and new actors being the standouts, some for good reasons... others not so good. Just that line alone should make it clear who I'm reffering too, Anne Hathaway as Selena Kyle is a great pick, as when she gets good roles, she's a good actor. I say that with the side note that the only other movies I recall seeing her in are the Princess Diaries movies, and a scene from Les Miserable, being I Dreamed a Dream. Tom Hardy on the other hand... its that stupid voice. And I know this guy's good, he was good in Mad Max: Fury Road, but here. He wants to be threatening, and his actions are threatening. But that dumb voice he does just kills it.

I'm not a fan of changing the location to New York, but this is coming from the person who liked Gotham in Batman Begins, as they used CGI to make it feel more like Gotham. So visually, while the action moments are impressive... until you get to hand to hand combat for Batman, in which see the last two movies reviews, the world building shots aren't. However, I can safely say that THEY'VE FOUND THE VOLUME CONTROL OPTIONS IN POST PRODUCTION! THE WHISPERING CAN ACTUALLY BE HERD AND THEY KNOW HOW TO TALK NORMALLY!!! I know that sounds rather petty but you'd be surprised at just how much that awful volume mixing was killing these watches of the movies. No joke, my computer speakers may be on the fritz, but they aren't that bad (it's more convenient to take notes).

Sorry to break it, but that's about it, a lot of other parts to this movie are carried from the other two, flaws and all. But at least next week's will hopefully have some difference. I'll be coming back to Green Lanturn another time, but for now, we go to Metropolis next with Man of Steel.

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