Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Zero Suit Samus and her new Jet boots, why does everyone care?

Ever since Zero Suit Samus was reviled, people have been furious about her design, saying that she is over sexualized because its the Other M design and the fact that the jet boots are heals. Is the internet really that pathetic?

I'll start with the fact that their using her Other M design. People have made the argument that is makes her as "weak" as she was in Other M. The first thing to realise is that this Samus doesn't follow the laws of the games but a Manga series where she has Post Traumatic Stress disorder when she sees Ridley, who she thought she killed so in that context, it makes sense. Her voice acting was just a result of poor localization so I'm not going to include that argument here.

Her "over sexualisation", IF YOU FINISH METROID 1 FAST ENOUGH, YOU SEE HER IN A BIKINI, HOW IS THIS WORSE? As for her bigger breasts, how can you tell the difference when comparing Smash 4 and Brawl? (but that depends on the screenshot). Another aspect to her over sexualisation was that this design was made by Team Ninja and when people saw the fact that her Power suit was her Other M design, was anyone really surprised that her Zero Suit would get the same treatment?

And now the Jet Boots. I actually like the design of them. Considering other Jet Boot Designs of the past, this design actually works for Samus. They look light, look like they have high mobility (considering the design and the function). To me, it also looks like they could have springs in the heal as well to boost her jumping ability. My only complaint is that it looks like the heals fuel storage looks likes it uses TARDIS Technology (bigger on the inside), but in its defence, there isn't a lot of places to store Rocket Fuel that keeps her mobility. It works for the character and actually makes her look playable. I'll try using her when the game is released.

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