Sunday, 20 April 2014

DLC over Micro Transactions

So why do I hate Micro Transactions but like DLC? while I have explained my impressions on Micro Transactions in my post on iOS and Android games, I didn't cover DLC and here's why.

Downloadable content in games to me is a good thing... if done right. Costume packs: depends on the costumes within them that makes me want to purchase them. Added maps: Sure. Extra plot: YES PLEASE (but that depends on the game), but the one time I HATE DLC is if the developers have purposefully withheld content in the game just to have DLC, even if the content is still on the disk. I was at a JB-HiFi today and I saw a pamphlet for Call of Duty: Ghost's season pass, with 4 different DLC packs inside. Ghosts came out in November (exact date depends on system and country) and for there to be 4 different DLC's for the game tells me that they held back content for the game before releasing it (which is another reason why I hate the franchise (rant for another day)). If the content adds aspects to the game and is released after a decent duration of time has elapsed (like Harley Quinn's Revenge for Batman Arkham City), then I might pay for it. THOSE 4 PACKS SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE F*&!^$@ DISK!!! At the same time though, I want developers prioritize aspects of their projects, DLC should be a last aspect when the game is finished. WHY DID SONIC '06 GET DLC BUT WASN'T PATCHED?!?!?!

So what makes DLC better then Micro Transactions? There isn't anything forcing you to buy the DLC. Even if the reviews are good, the only one who can decide getting DLC is you. For Micro Transactions, to me it always feels like the developers are gently encouraging you to put money into this. "What's this, you want to keep playing for another 3 hours? Give us a bit of money and you can." "This character costs 2,000,000 points to unlock? Pay $2.50 and use them now". It really pisses me off to no end.

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