Wednesday, 9 April 2014

The element of surprise, Custom Movepools

Well, after the Nintendo Direct today, we learned of a new feature that is being implemented into Smash 4, Custom move pools. From what we’ve seen, it appears to be changing the stats of some moves with the main example being Mario’s fireball attack. If it’s bigger, it would do more damage but travel slower and not as far, but if you make the attack smaller, than the attack travels further and faster. I came up with a similar idea for Fan Disagreement but it takes this concept one step further.

My idea for Customisable move pools can actually completely change the characters attacks and even designs. Take Kirby for example, if you equip him with some sort of Fire sticker (yes this concept uses the stickers for now) then he become Fire Kirby, most of his attacks are Fire Kirby’s attacks including Fire Breath to replace Inhale and a Fire boost to replace his sprint B. Another example is Sonic, if you give him a Sword Sticker, then he has the ability to use Caliburn. His regular A attacks use Caliburn to attack and even his Homing attack gets a stat change, it does less damage in the first attack but while you’re close, you can do quick slashes with Caliburn to deal more damage. The Stickers would also change the Final Smashes: In these examples, Kirby’s Final Smash would be Monster Flame from Return to Dreamland and Sonic’s would be Excalibur Sonic.

In regards to the Smash Direct, I will be posting my opinions on the direct on my reviews Blog latter today so check it out to see my full opinions on what Sakurai revealed today.

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