Wednesday, 29 March 2017

PSA: Lego Scooby Doo, and Journals

The main point of this is related to Journals, but as a quick side thing. A review of Lego Scooby Doo: Haunted Hollywood. Its Scooby Doo done in the Lego Direct to DVD style by the Warner Bros Animation group. Facial animations are a tad subpar, shaggy has a thing for leaving his mouth open weird, VA's very good, but that's about it. Everything else, look at general trends with the last three movies. I'm going to try and get out a small review over the weekend to make up for this, but as you'll see soon, there is a reason why this is being dropped... other then the lack of meat on it to review.

To the meat of this post, an idea Marissa had fairly recently, the Mediaholics Journals. Short and to the point, we both struggle with recording gameplay. We don't have capture cards to cover console games, our handhelds aren't modded to capture handheld games, and our computers are too underpowered to comfortably record games on our computers (as a personal one for me, I hate the "stick a camera in front of the TV" capture. It looks unprofessional, easy to mess up, hard to tell what's going on, ect). We do want to do proper LP's, we just can't yet. So, Marissa came up with what we're calling the Mediaholics Journals. A series of posts related to slower, spice of life styled games where one day in game equals one entry, and (some exceptions excluded), seven entries equals one post. At time of writing we are still working on a loose schedule for when these posts will go live, but both Marissa and I have begun working on the games we've agreed to do for this trial run. Marissa is playing Animal Crossing New Leaf, while I play its watered down version, Happy Home Designer (at least its not amiibo festival). The reason we chose those games is because it is easy to get images in them of what we are actually doing in game. This is experimental for us. Others have done similar entries for New Leaf, but to my knowledge nothing has been done for Happy Home Designer (for better or worse), so any feedback is appreciated for it.

 Animal Crossing New Leaf entries will go live, on average, Saturdays at 7am AEDT

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer will go live on Sundays at 7am AEDT as well.

(note, like all content on the site, that will change once Daylight Savings Ends, and the states here that are on AEDT go back to AEST)

On the plus side, the content opportunities for the site now are bigger then ever, which I hope is a good thing to you reading this. I'll still be doing weekly (when possible) reviews, the youtube channel gets almost daily videos now which appear here a week later, and now the journals where Marrisa and I can indulge in our inner story writers. More relaxed then reviews, just to have a laugh at what we can do with the situations the games decides to throw at us. Hope you all enjoy what's coming up.

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