Thursday, 2 March 2017

Mediaholics Playlist: Dearly Beloved

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"One day you will realize,
The stars you are chasing shine bright deep inside you,
But will you ever let it shine from within,
And cast all of your fears aside?
You'll see the light, but until that day comes

*My Dearly Beloved,
Be strong, I shall be there
Always here beside you
So, keep your head held high,
The shadows of this world
Will try to steal you away into their arms
But you belong in mine "

It's not her cover used in the video, but the lyrics from above come from here: Highly recommended, LeeandLie does some great work and has a beautiful singing voice. And I'd rather give her the credit for this and not the company who forced monetized the video, because someone rapped over the original. "BECAUSE THAT MAKES SENSE"

All songs that go up are randomized from a private list, so we may have songs on there that you like too. We are though always open to more suggestions, as between the people who have helped work on this list, it’s still safe to say that we haven’t played every game, listened to every song. Have one you want to see? Comment it down below and we’ll add it to the list.

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