Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League – Cosmic Clash: Coin Collecting, the cure for all kinds of collectors

Some might be thinking why I'm not starting with the first Lego Batman movie. Well, the reason is because... its Lego Batman 2, its the game's cutscenes edited into a movie. As to why I'm not doing the other Batman movies and TV specials first... I've been playing a fair bit of Lego Batman 3, and was just in the mood for something with Brainiac as the villain. Now as to why I'm playing Lego Batman 3 and other non Zelda or Horizon games? Future plans for Breath of the Wild, and I don't have a PS4. Onward to the review!

Unlike other DC movies, this movie doesn't even try to over-complicate and over pad the plot. Brainiac wants to add Earth to his collection of planets. No I don't mean a model, I mean he wants to shrink the planet to put in a bottle to add to his collection. After failing a first attempt, he comes back with a ship that has a bean which sends Wonder Woman back to the prehistoic era, Green Lanturn to the era of Pirates, and Superman to a post apocalyptic future where he is robotized by Brainiac and turned into his slave. As drones scan the world to prepare it for shrinking, Cyborg and Supergirl fight the drones, while Batman and Flash build a Cosmic Treadmill which can send the Batmobile through time... I'm not even going to try to justify how time travel works in this movie because the rules for it are very loose and it comes off as more "just because, alright?" in terms of justification. Like with the other Lego animations reviewed recently, its ok so long as you don't look too far into it.

Like Hero Factory, they don't really make that much of a deal out of the world being made out of Lego, there's one moment while they're building the Cosmic Treadmill, and a moment that feels like its come out of Voltron/ Power Rangers), but apart from that, they're not really tearing things apart to rebuild them, so there's never a sense of "where are these coming from?" like there was for Clutch Powers in particular. It also doesn't really have any stakes in it, not because of the villain, as Brainiac's a good villain for this kind of movie. The problem is that this movie subscribes to the "he can do anything because he's the god dam Batman" approach to Batman's character. Unlike something like Lego Movie universe Batman, where its played up more for laughs, here they play it straight as everyone else comes off as incompetent in comparison. Flash spends most of the movie on a treadmill for example, and... well "I get it, Supergirl's a cheerleader. I got it the first time people".

If you want a good Lego Batman movie, either watch the one out in cinemas right now for literally everyone else in the world but here, even though it was made here! This is a distraction at most, and unless you can find it for cheep like I did, not worth the time or money. Next week, something new, new characters I haven't covered here before directly.

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