Friday, 3 June 2016

First Impressions: Doctor Strange

I did try to get this out at 7am, I did try.

The MCU's getting a bit of a shake up, isn't it? While Phase 2 was pretty much all sequels (Ant man depending on if you put it in phase 2 or phase 3) and only one of them getting the general view of it being better then the first in the eyes of the masses. Now, its mostly introductions for new characters, one of them being Doctor Strange. As a forewarn, we don't get much from this trailer, so this is going to be quick.

This movie, the series its based on, from what little I know of it, is drastically different from anything else in Marvel. While everything else has been focused on Science to some degree, even Thor took the concept of the gods magic being just their science, this looks to focus a lot more on genuine magic. To get this out of the way, my knowledge on Doctor Strange: Once a proud surgeon, who had an injury that damaged his hands so that he couldn't perform surgery. Trained by a Tibeten Monk in the ways of the occult, and now deals with more magical issues that plague the world. If I get complaints about my lack of knowledge, do remember that I started looking into comics around August last year.

The trailer itself is pretty generic in terms of general trailer stuff. Not much is shown on the plot, music's meh, and a lot of the info for non comics fans is left in the dark. So why do I want to talk about it? The CGI for the realms of the occult. The trailer is full of really impressive, and really interesting CG, adding to the mystique of Doctor Strange's world. Just the shot alone of the three angles of the city looks amazing, and to the extent of my knowledge, never done before. I really hope the rest of the movie has visuals like this, it looks awsome.

Yeah, its just a quick post, but Sunday's will be beefier, trust me.

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