Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Steven Universes: Time for that follow up I promised

Back in July I did a mini marathon of Opening Impressions, tackling some of the pioneers of a new form of Children's TV show, and Log Horizon. Those being Adventure Time, Star vs. The Forces of Evil, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. As stated prior, my opening impressions take the first 5 episodes, give or take as it depends on the franchise and how many episodes I have to work with at the time, and Steven Universe's first five episodes... sucked, they were awful. Well, both Falsely Profound and Keybug55 are big fans of Steven Universe and both wanted me to keep going with the show, they kept telling me that it gets better. Well, I caved and kept going, so this is my follow up review on Steven Universe. Now while I will say that a lot of my points from the Opening Impression do carry over, I will provide updates when needed. A link to the original post can be found here: for those curious.

Starting with the plot, while the breadcrumb formula does improve and the individual episodes do have interesting story lines, the show itself takes a long time to get going. Fans say that the show hits that point at episode 10, but for me, it's at episode 16 where it gets consistently good. While there are episodes I do like before then like the a fore mentioned episode 10 along with episode 6, there are still some points where the show is quite weak even after episode 16, but they become few and far between. I am actually genuinely curious to see where they go with some of these threads, though some like Lion (no I'm not kidding, that's the name of one of the characters) are coming off as blatantly obvious.
"I've seen things that can't be unseen"

On the subject of characters, while I didn't bring it up in the opening impressions (which I could have sworn I did), my thoughts on the characters then was that they were either bad, or mediocre at best. After seeing more of the show, I'm glad that they do get better, with some of them being some of the best characters I've seen. All the characters are really fleshed out and as the show goes on, you really do feel for them. Two of my favorites would have to be Lapis Lazuli and Garnet. Lapis because of her build up, her crowning moment (from what episodes I've seen, which at time of writing, I'm up Season 1, episode 51) and what she represents in the story. Garnet, well...
This is just beautiful to look at. It really is.

Garnet to me is one of the best designed and best executed characters I've ever seen, as she is one of the best Lesbian couples I've ever seen. I'm sure there are people who are thinking I've put a typo there, but let me explain. For you see, Garnet is a fusion of two characters, Ruby and Sapphire. The best way I could describe Fusion in this show is this: Bayformers Devastator done... kinda better, but I'll get into that later. Everything about Garnet's design and choices builds up to Ruby and Sapphire, even possibly her name, but I'm not a gem expert so I could be wrong on that part. And before people ask I'm referring to real life gem stones in that statement. I could go on, but I'd rather save it for another time or until anyone curious enough sees the show.
"Together we stand, as the rain begins to fall
And holding our heads up high as the sun shines through it all"

Fusion though... Bayformers Devastator sums it up perfectly. With the exception of Garnet, Opal and Stevonnie (Don't ask, just look it up for yourself), the Fusion gems I've seen are ugly with the worst being Alexandrite. All I can really say about some of them can be summed up like this: "What the frag am I looking at?" and "Where the frag am I meant to look?" These can be eye sores, which is a shame as some of them are the only problems I have with the animation. Its fine for the rest of the show as I am getting used to the simplistic style, it works for what it is.
Trust me, it looks worse in the show

That's basically it though for Steven Universe, it did get better though it doesn't change the fact that the opening is awful. I'll see you all next week, for it will be time to spend the night at Freddy Fazbear's.

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