Saturday, 31 October 2015

Ghostbusters: Anyone for Marshmallows?

When I started this site, it was because I was looking for an excuse to see, read, listen and play new things while looking at things I loved as a child. Sometimes its turned out great, others... not so much. Until recently, or to be more precise about half an hour at time of writing, I'd never seen Ghostbusters, I honestly had no interest in seeing it. But with this, I think the time is right, so, let's bust some ghosts.
It's the best I could find

As per tradition, lets start with the plot. After being called to the New York Public Library, misfit parapsychologists Peter Venkman, Raymons Stanz and Egon Spengler loose their jobs because the university they work for doesn't like to pay people who they think are absolutely insane, can't imagine why... Seeing this as a "one door closes, another one opens" kind of opportunity, they move to the private sector and become Ghostbusters... imagine pest exterminators for ghosts. To trap ghosts, they use untested, highly dangerous, potentially explosive nuclear powered containment units... You see, if this movie was made now, these people would be arrested by the US government for potentially being terrorists, I wonder if that's going to be a plot for the new movies. Regardless, after catching what looks like something you'd find up a mutant child's nose, the borderline incompetent team become celebrities in New York. Remember kids, this was the 80's where being a celebrity meant you actually had to do a bit of work, not just do stupid scrap online. However, one of their first clients aparently lives in a building designed to summon a demigod called Zuul, who's minions possess two people in the apartment complex. With the threat of Zuul being that of "biblical proportions", it is up to the Ghostbusters to stop the demigod and his marshmallow Godzilla wannabe form and save the city in something that the writers literally wrote right before shooting the scene... From what I've herd I'm not kidding with that.

Hard pressed for money, they said...
The plot is pretty basic, but it's still quite enjoyable. It's simple but the actors do handle the script well, giving the characters a lot of personality, are they the best personalities I've seen? Not really, but they're not the worst either. Trust me, you have to try to be worse then some of the scrap characters I've seen.

Animation and effects wise, you can tell this was shot in the 80's, as the effects, while nice for the time, are really dated now. It's not the problem of the movie itself, just the changes in technology. I admit I thought it was nice to see some claymation again as that's an effect I hadn't seen in years. Similar thoughts can be said about the music, memorable, but has that 80's feel to it which some people may not like, such is the problem with changes in time, inovations.
"Tremble before my Force Lightning"

It's hard for me to definitively say yes or no to watching this movie. Is it a bad movie? No, not by a long shot, but time has taken its toll on the film. The film hasn't aged as well as other films of that decade, and sadly its only going to get worse as time goes on. If you're curious about it, then give it a look if you haven't already, but don't go into this thinking it's perfect. Sadly for me it was overhyped, and I don't see it as what a lot of others do. Nostalgia can do that to a film. But for now, its time to move to something a bit closer to this year, tomorrow is the start of November, and it means that a new comic arc review is on the way. The winner is what I called the Ignika Saga, which is a combination of the Voya Nui, Mahri Nui and Karda Nui arcs. The winner has been chosen, and now its time to tackle BIONICLE once again. I'll see you all on Wednesday, and Happy Halloween.

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