Monday, 5 October 2015

October Update: Good news, Bad news, but a whole lot of news.

While I would say this is a quick update, but I'm writing this without prep work. However I do need to share some info to you all.

In terms of upcoming content for the reviews site, not only will Megatron's Origins and Autocracy be coming out, but the review of Equestria Girls: Friendship Games will be coming out on the 14th of October and there are also plans to get a discussion going on the Smash Ballot and the latest Smash 4 patch and I'll be revisiting Steven Universe. I also have something big planned for Halloween week and, going back to Pax Aus, I'm going to try and organize a video camera to record some footage of the event which should go live early November.

However, I do have some bad news. For the next few weeks, I'm going to be pausing the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of the Sky and Earthbound Let's plays. The reason for that is because of both the Halloween project and also the fact that I'm graduating soon. At time of writing, I'm starting my last five weeks of my course. I have assessments that need to be done and what free time I have I want to invest into the Halloween Project. Explorers of the Sky still has several parts to it, but Earthbound is going to be out of parts by Tuesday next week. However, once I finish the course, I'll have a lot more free time on my hands to put out some larger projects, like the Star Wars Marathon in January.

The two sites are also due for some maintenance soon. And in that time, I'm going to be merging the Projects site and the Reviews site, and shutting down the Projects site in the process. This site will also get a name change. I'm also looking into ways of autoposting onto here from Youtube, so that anyone who reads this and who hasn't subscribed to my Youtube channel (or doesn't see my Twitter feed on the right hand column) can see it show up here.

One final bit of news, I am in the process of designing replacements for the Content Trailer and Montage. The Montage will just be an update, adding in everything that has been done and will be done by the end of this year, whereas the trailer will be rebuilt from the ground up as its own individual entity and not a condensed version of the montage, which the current one is.

But yeah, that basically sums up this. I'll see you all for the next Comic review on Wednesday. And before people ask why I'm still posting these and going to be putting the Let's Plays on hold, it's because I can knock a text post over in a few hours, a batch of Let's play parts is 2-3 days of work.

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