Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Pokemon Adventures Fire Red & Leaf Green: Clash of the Psychic Titans

It's time to go back to the beginning region, why? Because we got remakes of them that had new content. And sorry for taking most of January, with some exceptions, off, been trying to find a replacement job to help support this site.

Note, this is paraphrasing, not in the exact order its told to the reader.

So directly after Maxie and Archie tried to throw the planet's climate out of wack, Giovanni has taken remains of the Red and Blue orbs, a Ruby and a Sapphire, and brought them back to Kanto's Sevii islands, in order to boost the power of their newest pokemon to control that they kinda helped create, Deoxys. With Deoxys and new leaders of Team Rocket, Giovanni kidnaps not only Professor Oak and convinces the Kanto Pokedex holders Red, Blue and Green, to give up their Pokedexes, because Oak was going to upgrade them to National Dexes, but also kidnaps Green's parents just before Green got to finally meet them for the first time since Price kidnapped her as a child. Green was badly injured when trying to save her parents by Deoxys, and as a result, Red and Blue go to a new old person that somehow knows oak, Agitha, and pretty much every main character over 60 so far, Ultima, to learn one of the three strongest elemental moves each. Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, and Hydro Cannon, moves that can only be taught to the starter pokemon. Even when the Sevi islands turn on the pokedex holders, the three of them, once Green has recovered, continue to fight Team Rocket, eventually freeing Professor Oak and Green's parents. With the aid of Mewtwo, who is now seperate from Blaine, Red goes to confront Giovanni on his flying fortress, learning that his plan was to use Deoxys' psychic abilities to find his long lost son.

And who is the son you may ask? Silver! Yeah, remember that guy? Well he's with Yellow back in Viridian City, as he looks for who his father is. Once he learns the truth, he hates his father at first, but by the end of the story seeks to turn his father into a respected man again, away from Team Rocket. Before he can though, Silver, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow are encased in stone, thanks to something similar as what happened in the first movie, and our story ends. I admit I make that sound more complicated then it is in the books. It's easier to read, but it doesn't change the fact that it is a more complicated story, something that is becoming more and more common in these books. I personally appreciate it, especially when the setting is something like the Sevii Islands, and there's no real plot to them in the Fire Red and Leaf Green games. The only issue I have with it is this. How does the pokedex work then? So Red, Blue and Green now have National dexes, but what about everyone else? Does Gold and Crystal? What about Ruby and Sapphire? How about the other pokedex holders to come? And if they do, then why did there need to be a fuss about Red, Blue and Green getting upgrades? Why can't Yellow have one, instead of just having Red's handmedown?

If you want to continue going forward, at least to the next arc before a kinda sorta reboot, you do need to read this one before Emerald, because Emerald continues on from this. As to what will happen in that? Not sure yet, let's find out next month. See you next week.

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