Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Pokemon Adventures Emerald Arc: What is it with Hoenn and time limits?

When last we left off, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and Silver were all turned to stone. With five of the Pokedex holders, including all of Kanto's Pokedex holders, now out of commission, something drastic needs to be done. A plan is formed, and now its time Pokedex holder number ten to take the stage, for they need the help of a Mythical Pokemon. It's time to concur the Battle Frontier.

Meet Emerald, a trainer who didn't get along with many people, was bullied due to his height and is self conscious of it as a result, and he wants to battle all the facilities of the Battle Frontier, and is challenged to complete all of them in seven days. What is he there for? To find and befriend the mythical Pokemon Jirachi, in order to have Jirachi revive the fallen Pokedex holders. All the while, a knight in cursed armor known as Guile.
Couldn't resist...
Anyway, Guile wants to use Jirachi to create a Sea monster to swallow all the land on the planet into the sea. To stop him, not only will Emerald need to fight him, but all ten pokedex holders will need to unite. Yes, this is basic, but its also focused. Everything is on the Battle Frontier, and all focused on one character. Think of this as Hoenn's equivalent of the Yellow arc. Actually now that I think about it that is a perfect comparison, is this why neither Yellow or Emerald have appeared in a game yet? It is a treat though seeing so many Pokedex holders work off each other like they do here, and makes me want to see them do it again, maybe in the Sun and Moon books? Please?

Like with Ruby and Sapphire, to name a few, Emerald has clear and distinct weaknesses, and a rough past, and when you see his story in detail, you really feel for him. He never really feels like "He's this way just because", which is something I personally get from characters like Red, Gold and Yellow. Not saying that its bad, just that I like hearing the backstories for characters, to get a feel for how they will react going forward. It also helps break up the action moments and the explanations to how the facilities work, which they did do in a way that makes sense, as its either the Frontier Brains explaining it to the press before the frontier opens, or directly to Emerald. I don't know, maybe its the "sick of writing in games that's specifically to the player and makes no sense in the worlds context", but still its refreshing to see it worded in a way that makes sense. I do however have to say though that again, visually, you know what you're getting into with this one. At least the final battle happens in the rain? Regardless, see you next week. "Choo Choo"

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