Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Opening Impressions: Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero

Did this literally just come out? Yes. Did I back it on Kickstarter? No. Why am I doing this now? Because I haven't had the time to do the impressions I promised last week, going to do a Christmas review on Sunday, and was playing this on my Vita on the train ride to and from work today, so I have it on the mind. Lets do this!

So the plot. Well, from where I am right now, it seems mixed, random. Each of the areas have their own little story too them. However when I say little, its "Something evil is happening here, go stop it". First it was Risky Boots in Main Street Scuttle Town, then its the Techno Barron kidnapping girls, turning them into fake Mermaids, and selling them as Monster Milk (I think). The only plot which I think is connecting them is that there is a new 1/2 genie, a guardian for hire called Holly (I hope, its hard to find info on this game right now) who's taken Shantae's role of guardian of the town, and Shantae's uncle who is trying to build a device called the Dynamo. After that, I genuinely don't know what's going on with the story, but that's why I'm finding it interesting, as it could go anywhere.

Gameplay wise, it is very much standard Shantae, that being its a Metroidvania where if you're not careful, you're going to die, and die a lot as you don't have a lot of health at the start. Though I don't care when I die, mainly because its never been an unfair death yet, and it means I stay in the sections longer and soak up the games aesthetics. The game's gorgeous in every sense of the word. The artstyle is perfect, and leads to some great dialogue pictures, some of which are absolutely adorable, the characters are, in Wayforward style, beautifully animated, and the soundtrack is just charming. It's actually the reason I wanted to do this post (and because I had nothing else ready. I have plans I swear, I just need the time). I will do a full review of this in the new year, as I'm really enjoying it so far. It, like Freedom Planet, are two kickstarters I wish I could have backed when they were around. The only complaint I have so far, Australia doesn't seem to be getting the physical versions, which is a shame as I like getting the physical versions of games when I can.  Come back Christmas Day (AEDT) for the review of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special.

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