Thursday, 18 February 2016


On the Facebook page for the site, I posted my stance on this video here:

The following, is a direct copy from the page, I am sharing it here because... well there are only 12 people following the page.

I completely agree with this, speaking as a content creator. Right now, ignoring the Youtube side of future content, my reviews fall under Fair Use. As the site grows, with more and more content going up, I run the risk of these claims coming to me, and it'll become worse when I can do more video content. I've been paying attention to what happened with Youtube recently, and it is absolutely disgraceful how easily that system can be, has been, and will probably continue to be abused. To say that it's broken is an understatement, it barely worked in the first place.
I've seen channels almost taken down because of mistakes, and Youtube not responding to both the channel, and the one trying to remove the claim. I've seen the examples in this video as they were happening. That's on top of content creators trying to copyright words in the english dictionary, for the sake of taking down content, which they easily did because of how broken it is. I'm not kidding when I say I'm sitting on constant backups of content and a reserve site, just encase I have to deal with this shit, with it being on the verge of new video content coming soon, on a new channel. So yeah, I'm with them, I'm with the content creators, where is the fair use?

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