Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Deadpool Killogy: Some want to see the world burn, others bathe in the world's blood

So with the Deadpool movie coming out this month, I thought it would be a good idea to look at a Deadpool arc, to get an idea of the character. Or in this case, what happens when the character breaks. Care to see your beloved and loathed characters, both in the Marvel comics and out of it? Well, this is the arc for you, the Deadpool killogy. Though to be warned, as the books themselves say, THIS IS NOT FOR YOUNG KIDS.

The basic jist of this can be summarized as "You don't break the fourth wall, the fourth wall breaks you" (I actually have a friend of mine who would open that with a "In soviet Russia...", however I'm not him). Psycho Man tries to control Deadpool, but in doing that, kills the voices in his head that control him, paving the way for a new voice, a more dangerous voice. A voice that convinces Deadpool to kill the very idea of continuity. So how does he do this. By first killing every super hero and super villain in his universe and the multiverse, then killing the Marvel writing team behind that part of the arc, then the inspiration for the Marvel characters, leading to a battle between Deadpool and Sherlock Holmes in a dimension where ideas are formed in a time machine. And just when you think he can't kill any more, he decides to kill every Deadpool in the multiverse. Which is when we learn that the Deadpool we've been following isn't the Deadpool of the main universe, which is aparently 616. So main universe Deadpool's new mission: to avenge the heroes of Earth 616 and kill the broken Deadpool, while the broken Deadpool's mission is to kill every Deadpool in the multiverse. What you thought that something called the Deadpool Killogy wasn't going to have lots of murder? The plot's pretty barren at best though, its Deadpool killing people, that's literally it.

It does however lead to some interesting visuals, again the above Deadpool vs Sherlock Holmes, Deadpool vs Moby Dick, and all the standard multiverse Deadpools, such as Galactus Deadpool. Because why not? While the overarching plot is mediocre, it does have some great writing in it as it goes from book to book, it doesn't help with the plot, but it does have something to enjoy.

This is a novelty arc, I don't know if it's cannon currently or not, but the sheer over the top insanity of it was still funny to see, not the fact that he was killing so many characters, but the fact that his goal to kill was taking him to the insane locations, again, Sherlock Holmes verses Deadpool. The books are worth a read just for that alone, but it does come down to a more "junkfood" kind of arc. However I'm saying that under the asumption that it is an arc that isn't cannon currently, I could be wrong. Come next week, Fire Emblem: Awakening.

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