Friday, 11 September 2015

First Impressions: Akame Ga Kill: I hope you don't have a weak stomach

The material this review is based on and the review itself is designed for a more mature audience.

So this one was a request to cover, however as the name suggests, I hope you don't have a weak stomach, otherwise you may not like this. This isn't for the kids, but for everyone else, let's see what Akame Ga Kill has in store.

At the time of writing, all I've been able to watch is the first four episodes of the English dub, again, every anime I cover is going to use that one rule. But in those four episodes, we see enough to know the overall plot. Imperial City is full of corruption, innocent people are being sucked dry with taxes, people are being murdered, raped and tortured all the time. As such, it is up to a band of mercenaries, elite fighters in an army of revolutionaries, to hunt down the corruption, killing all who stand in their way. To me, this is both original, and been done to death. Original because this is the first I've seen this used in an animation (that I recall) but also done to death as I have seen it in other mediums, and I also enjoyed history class, trust me, humanity hasn't changed much and wars have been fought over less then this. And if you think that there isn't a lot of death, the series is called Akame Ga Kill, and every episode has "kill" in the name. Here's proof:!_episodes
Well it sounds like you've had a delightful day today
What makes it ill advised for the weak of stomach is the weight in all the attacks, even when said attacks cut people in half. There's a lot of times in this where you feel like its trying to get you to be shocked because of how these battles, these deaths are handled. I doubt that's the case as there is a market for this (that aren't psycho killers as some keep trying to tell me in over one hundred tweets), however for anyone else, you're probably going to feel uncomfortable, and the thing is that this is tame compared to some that I've herd of.
"Tis but a scratch"

The characters are bland though, I've seen all of them to death. We have the sexualized one, the ditz, the brat, the pervert, the psycho teenager, the one who embodies the internet's view of what a lesbian behaves like, the straight faced normal guy and the gay man... I'm just saying what's in the dub, they confirm he's homosexual and they use the animation to highlight it a lot. On the subject of the animation, with the exception of the murder porn all throughout it, everything seems mediocre, the situations are predictable, the world is ok, but I've seen more interesting worlds in animation. Even the music doesn't stand out in this at all. The only reason I exclude the fighting and killing scenes is because you feel the weight of every blow, every action, which is nice, but still a case of "been there, done that". Though admittedly its hard to compare humans with special weapons to battling witches in Salvador Dali paintings and giant monster fights. I can't help what I saw first.
Time to play Spot the Anime Character trope.

Should you go out and watch Akame Ga Kill based on these four episodes, well if you like watching people loose their limbs and need something new to see that, then yes you should. Anyone else... eh? Nothing really stands out and I can only really recommended to those curious about this kind of action, but even then I encourage you to do your own research as there's probably better ones out there, but again, I'm basing this off of four out of twenty four episodes. For now, the weekend calls, and I feel like covering mutated fish in ink. So come Monday, Splatoon.

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