Monday, 7 September 2015

Star Wars: Clone Wars: Oh this is going to get confusing fast.

So, Star Wars is coming back, a new movie, inclusion in Disney Infinity, and merchandise to spare (though I will admit that new RC Droid is cool). So with Force Friday gone (because my timing sucks sometimes, and I didn't even know it was a thing), let's look at the version of Star Wars fans love to forget exists.

No not that one

Not that one either

Overshot it

That's not even out yet.


What the frag? I told you the last one was close!

I think everyone would rather forget that one. 

There we go... Is it sad that I had to cut this sketch short? And yes, we are delving into the world of Flash Animation...

Up first, as always the plot... or rather, the lack there of one. For you see, these are actually short clips that jump around during the time period of The Clone Wars. All these do is serve as a bridge between Episode II and Episode III of the films. However, what some people hate about this is that this is considered cannon (well, parts of it). As plot threads from this carry on into Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which then carries on into Star Wars Rebels. Is this necessary? No, for the most part, though it does shed some light on some characters.
Lances at the ready boys
I can't talk about the animation without talking about one thing first. Personally, I both love and hate Flash animation. I like the concept and when done well can lead to some great things. However, it has led to a lot of scrap being put onto television. For you see, Flash Animation was designed as a tool to make animation easier, allowing for processes to be done quicker allowing for a higher grade level of animation and for aspiring animators to hone and refine their personal style, both of which I'm all for. However, with that also comes people trying to use it for a quick buck, and we got a lot of television shows, especially those aimed at children that were beyond sub par. For a case in point, the worst I've personally seen, which was made in Australia and aired on live television for several years, I should know as I had watch and listen to reruns. I maintain the show Pixel Pinkie to be one of the worst shows I've seen to use Flash, and in my top 5 worst shows I've seen period.
The world of 2D wasn't kind to you, was it?
But as for Clone Wars? I actually think its one of the better ones. The style is very "Been there, done that" as a lot of Flash animations have that same style, however, I'm perfectly fine with it for one reason, what they do with the simplicity is beautiful. The animation is perfectly flowing, the battles feel larger then they really are. It's gorgeous to watch and listen to as they use a, granted computer generated, full orchestra. its a delight to listen to...
"I knew I should have went right instead of left at the 59th river"

Until you start taking into consideration what little voice acting is in it. For the most part, it's fine. I have no complaints with it... except for one in particular. Mat Lucas as Anakin Skywalker, for the love of Primus, I thought Hayden Christensen was bad, Lucas makes him sound like an acting master. I wanted to kill this version of Skywalker myself it was that bad. The whiny voice, the lack of emotion, he sounds like a spoiled brat in this. The only reason I can let this slide is because everyone in this barely speaks at all, there are large gaps of time when all you hear is the music and the sound effects, which I do appreciate because it adds more weight to the on screen action.
"Heeerrree's Grevious!"

If you have two hours to kill, then I do recommend these, as they are some of the best I've seen that use Flash animation, that has been put onto television. Are they necessary for Star Wars lore? Not exactly, but it does shed some light on characters like Asaj Ventress. Clone Wars though is more of a curiosity kind of animation, unless you're curious about it, then there's no point watching it. It does have enough going for it if you're willing to look (and drown out Mat Lucas). I'll see you all on Friday for the Opening Impressions of Akame Ga Kill.

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