Monday, 9 March 2015

Digimon Marathon: Runaway Locomon... So long as its not Let it Go, you can start up a Barbershop Quartet for all I care

Remember those last few seconds of Such Sweet Sorrow? Yeah, that's the connection to this. Turns out they do get to keep their Digimon with no repercussions of them returning to the In training phase at all. But, if they're back, it means there's a new problem to deal with, and sure enough, this is no exception. Time to hit the railroad running, we've got a train to catch: Runaway Locomon.
So what's the set up? The title tells you already, a Train Digimon called Locomon is causing chaos on the real world's train lines, causing a Digital field to open. It's up to the Tamers to stop the train and the Digimon controlling it, Parasimon, before more Parasimon get into the real world and cause chaos to the, very quickly rebuilt, city. Yeah... like with Revenge of Diaboromon, Runaway Locomon is one of those "extended episode" movies, so there's not a lot of plot to go around. However, like with Revenge of Diaboromon, I think that its the right length to tell the story. There's no real padding in the story, making it more streamlined. I'd rather a movie the size of a episode rather then an episode stretched out to the size of a movie, like the last film was. We do get some character development... kinda, with Rika though. If you look at the title again, that's the character development. Parasimon takes control of Rika and... gives her a desire to sing... Why? Not really explained, and promptly dropped after. A part from that, its the characters after the D-Reaper. Nothing different, exactly the same.

That last sentence can probably describe this movie as a whole as well, and is its biggest let down. This movie didn't need to exist because it can't top the climax of Tamers. At least Revenge of Diaboromon does come close to matching the climax of 02's finale. But to go from Anti virus with AI, to a train with an attitude problem and a swarm of bugs is a major let down. While the movie
itself is quite good, don't watch it right after you've watched the actual Tamers series. And with that, we bid the Tamers adieu. For Wednsday, we look to the past, as we head for the second half of the anime: Digimon Frontier.

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