Friday, 6 March 2015

Digimon Marathon: Battle of Adventurers... "Can't we have a break?"

So depression and the idea of lost was a common trend in Digimon Tamers, all building up to the D-Reaper. But Tamers also had two films linked to it, so you can guarantee that the themes will be there as well. Let's start with the first one: Battle of Adventurers.

Set within the first half of Tamers (that's what I think at least, based on how the characters behave), it's summer vacation and the three Digi destined are parting ways to get some R&R... but this is a Digimon movie so we, the audience know that's not going to happen. A new Omnimon has defeated Apocalymon, and a new Digimon has been formed from the data named Mephistomon, who apparently has the same plan as Apocalymon because it was formed from Apocalymon's data... because logic? They never exactly go into detail about this, honestly them saying "he's evil because he's evil" makes more sense. The plan itself is to destroy the human world, no idea why, "because he's evil" (can you tell I don't find this thing an interesting villain?). To achieve this plan, programs called V-Pets are created and become the fastest shipping brand new product I've ever seen in my life. I want to say this movie takes place in the space of a week tops, NO BRAND NEW PRODUCT CAN BE IN EVERY HOUSE IN THE WORLD IN THE SPACE OF A WEEK, no matter how good your marketing is.

Takato's holiday plans are going to an island where his cousin Kai lives. Yeah, remember that kid during the D-Reaper arc with Davis's voice, that's him, just with a better voice. However, their plans are interrupted when Digimon start attacking a new girl named Minami, who even though was probably written before that arc, I'm just going to call Jerry version two, because her entire character design, from looks to the way she behaves, reminds me of Jerry, minus the suicidal desires. Minami blames herself for the death of her pet puppy May, watches a Digimon, who might as well be her partner named Labramon die in her arms. And while no mention of it actually being true exist, I'm just going to assume her mother also died at one point, but that one I could be wrong, makes no difference though. However, the reason why Labramon dies is because it has a vaccine program to destroy the V-Pets, which are now causing chaos in a very "Our War Game" way. Takato, Henry and Rika re unite to stop generic villain that I've given up trying to spell its name, digivolve to Ultimate in a way close enough to the show that I'll let it slide, but Deus Ex a super move that destroys the villain because the team was running out of movie, not that I'm complaining.

Because I've now got a rogue Tamagotchi to deal with, I'll make this quick, nothing in this movie is memorable for me, and I literally just watched it. The animation is on par with the series itself, so nothing to complain about, the music is mostly forgettable, except for two tracks I'll cover next week, the characters are dry (which I can let slide for Takato, Rika and Henry as this is early in the series, so a lot of character development hasn't happened yet, but Kai and Minami have no excuse). That's pretty much all there is to say on the movie though, while I leave you to wait for Runaway Locomon's review, I've got to go deal with a rogue Tamagotchi before it

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