Monday, 20 October 2014

Hidden reviews: The Bookworm

Don't expect these to come out often. As a part of my course work, I wrote a review of a play I worked on a few weeks ago. If this kind of medium is enjoyed, then I'll try and do more and make it a constant review type if I can. Understand though I have a low budget for this site at the moment so don't expect plays and musicals to appear often. 

When most people think of a play, they normally think of shows that go for several hours, standard 5 act structure ect. Short plays aren't common as most people don't think its worth the investment nowadays, combined with the domination of the musical, and you have a structure that is few and far between. However there are times when less is better and the short play The Bookworm is evidence of it.
So what's the story of The Bookworm? You know the stories of medium addiction? the stories of people becoming so invested in some sort of medium that they can no longer tell the difference between what is fiction and what is reality, this is one of those stories. The story focuses on the character Paige Turner (its not the worst pun name I've herd) as the play delves into her back story as to why she is the way she is, so obsessed with literature, with stories, that she can't tell the difference between stories, not even her own. The writing always has that dark overtone to it as a result of the concept and the character.
The set has that feeling of "done on a budget" but never in a way where it becomes obvious. The set makes use of the venue's limitations well and you do feel like you're in this woman's as I doubt she's seen a hallway in some time. The set has more books in it then I've seen almost anywhere (not including libraries). And with the primary lighting being standard lamps, it adds to the cozy, yet creepy feeling that the play itself uses. 
The writer of the play, Belinda Campbell, acts as Paige Turner for this and it shows just how thought out the character is. Campbell can pull of the character perfectly, further adding to that cozy yet creepy feeling. There are points where the script can get scary in a disturbing way simply because of how well the character is portrayed, the voice the character has, the movement on stage, its beautiful in a disturbing way.
If you have a chance to see it (should it ever get shown again), I would recommend seeing it, its short but worth it.

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