Thursday, 10 July 2014

First Impressions: Hyrule Warriors

This is a game that was shown off last year that caught my attention. I've never played a Dynasty Warrior games, in fact, I never heard of the franchise until last year. So aside from Legend of Zelda characters, why am I excited for it?

For the people who don't know, the Dynasty Warrior franchise is a tactical RPG. You have to capture areas of the map as one of many character to build up more troops to take more areas. Sounds simple enough? But one character against armies, thousands of enemies at once doesn't sound fair right? That might be the case... if you didn't mow down hundreds of those same enemies with a sword strike. The main characters in this style of gameplay are brutally overpowered, and that's fun to me. There's something satisfying about mowing down armies with basic gear and to see this style used in a Legend of Zelda game looks great.

So what do we know about Hyrule Warriors? We know the playable characters along with most of their new design:

Link design wise is very similar to his Twilight Princess/ Skyward Sword design but now has a nice scarf and a bit of extra armor

Impa: again, very similar to Skyward Sword (young Impa...), extra armor and a GIANT SWORD!!!

Queen Zelda: no, your eyes aren't deceiving you, I did say Queen Zelda, not princess. I can't describe a example of what she looks closest. Just look at the photo. She wields a rapier sword along with her signature Light arrows and Bow.

Midna: The Twilight princess is also playable. Imagine playing as Wolf Link again with even more power and access to weapons like he Hookshot.

Lana: A character designed for Hyrule Warriors, and is a white mage. Specializing in magic.

Agitha: If Sakurai can make a moveset for Pac man, then apparently you can make a moveset for a bug lover...

Fi from Skyward Sword is also playable but I've yet to see her in the game so it might be false

I'm not going to go into the villains as I don't want to spoil myself with the details (go here for information, but the reason why I like the look of the game play.

The video above is a presentation done by Nintendo during E3 on Hyrule Warriors and the game itself looks great to play (I can't stress this enough). I've yet to see a Zelda game (or a game period) where the way to knock a dragon out of the sky IS TO RIP THE MOON FROM MAJORA'S MASK OUT OF THE SKY AND SLAM IT INTO THE DRAGON!!! That's awesome. While I don't have a WiiU yet (soon...), the moment I do get a WiiU, I'm getting this along with Smash 4 (and other games...). I like mindless fun every now and then and being able to mow through thousands of enemies because your overpowered is fun. Do I play these types of games often? No, but do I love playing them? Absolutely. I hope you like ink because next is Splatoon.

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