Tuesday, 22 July 2014

First Impressions: Fable Legends

Is it just me, or is the 4v1 style of multiplayer becoming more and more common now?

Fable Legends was one of the few titles shown off at Microsoft's E3 conference this year that I hadn't seen before and caught my interest. Its a 4v1 online multiplayer RPG, by the looks of it, where its four heroes trying to get through a story while a villain tries to stop them. Simple enough. The 4 heroes seem to play out like a usual Western RPG's heroes, build up your skills, unlock new weapons ect. The villain on the other hand has the power to summon creatures and place them around a tower defense like map in order to stop the heroes from collecting the treasure at the end of the map. I haven't played a Fable game before and I only have a bit of experience in Western RPG's in general, but the game itself looks interesting to play and I only wish it was coming out for PC. As f the time of writing, Lionhead Studios haven't stated that this will come out on any other console and judging by what I know of the Fable series, it isn't coming out on any other consoles. Now before you start saying "Why don't you just buy a X-Box One?" the reason is because of the following:

While I didn't like the policies Microsoft was planning on doing with the X-Box One, I would be ok with buying a X-Box One if they had stuck with their policies, as stupid as they were. I praise risk takers when the risk is a concept and only truly judge said risk by the final product. Because Microsoft got rid of all these policies in the form of a Day 1 patch, it tells me that they didn't have a lot of faith in the ideas and makes me wonder why they were going to do it in the first place. On top of that, I haven't seen a lot of first party X-Box One games I'm genuinely interested in. I'm not buying a console for three games, its not worth it. I want to do reviews on a more serious level someday and when I can, I probably will go out and buy more consoles so that I can review more content, I just can't do that at this point in time.

I'll be posting another Top 10 list latter this week along with a post relating to the structure of the content i'll be doing on a regular basis, which means that I probably won't get to the impression of Project Spark this week, expect that one next week.

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