Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Transformers Marathon: Transformers Revenge of the fallen. First Str wait, didn't we already see this two years ago?

Now we can do Revenge of the Fallen. The first Bay film was a commercial success and the cast (according to the bonus features of the DVD release) was willing to do a second movie. Even though the writer’s strikes, bay was still able to produce this... uh... “gem” of a movie??? Time to review Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen.

I'm not going to give all the backstory for this one and as for the plot itself? Take Shia's plot and replace High school with Collage, replace his great grandfather's insanity with him going insane and have the transformers already established and you have his plot in a nutshell. The military plot is also different, this time the American military is working with the Autobots. The overarching plot is this: In a point in the past, the transformers show up with a weapon on/ near earth with the intention on using it, the Decepticons are revived, something shocking happens to the Autobots and we move to the final battle (wait for the punch line). The extended version is that The Fallen, the original Decepticon, intends to use the Harvester (device that landed on earth in the past) to blow up the earth's sun and use the energon from it to rebuild Cybertron and the Decepticon army. Megatron is revived and kills Optimus Prime. Decepticons arrive on earth, and the battle shifts to desert because plot.

For Revenge of the Fallen, the stuff that I liked, I still do and the stuff I hated in Transformers I still hate, but there is more to hate here. There are too many Transformers here that don't get a name in the movie, up until yesterday, I didn't know that the Decepticons in the Shanghai battle were Scavenger and Sideways, or that Elita One was there along with Chromia (who are the female equivalents of Optimus Prime and Ironhide, and love interests) and this isn't including all the Decepticons that arrived on earth just to be killed. People also have issues with Skidds and Mudflap and, aside from their racism, the big issue I have with Mudflap is the fact that he's awful when comparing him to his appearance in Cybertron, when he was a badass. Its the same issue I have with Jetfire who went from his bad Australian accent but still great in Cybertron, to a cranky old man... On top of that, The Fallen is older and yet isn't that bad. While I will openly admit that there are several Transformers I like the designs of, WHAT DID YOU DO TO DEVESTATOR? Devastator looked great in Generation 1 and Energon (though admittedly, Gen 1 is the best version) and you think this ( does him justice? (but I will admit, the Powerlink scene does look good and the scene when Optimus and Jetfire combine is the best scene in the movie because Jetfire is one of my favourite Transformers). The final issue I have with this is the human cast in general, with some exceptions, the acting by the human characters is worse here then they were in the last movie and the scripts that they are reading makes it worse (diverts attention to the Marijuana brownies for the case in point).

Before closing this, I would just like to say, no, I'm not doing a review on Age of Extinction until a DVD version exists and is available to the public. The reason for this is that I don't want to do movies that are currently in cinemas at the moment because I like to rewind just to get facts straight. I might do initial opinions if I go to see it at the cinemas but after hearing that it's almost, if not a 3 hour movie, don't expect it to be in depth. Up next... dark of the moon...

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