Thursday, 19 January 2017

Fire Emblem Direct Impressions

"Why is this not a podcast?" Well, both Marissa and Marcus have next to know knowledge on Fire Emblem, and CJ on top of that is busy applying to do her Masters course for univercity. Do I have a working knowledge of Fire Emblem? No, but I know more then just playing Super Smash Brothers like Marissa, Marcus and CJ. That's why. These are also primerilly going to be just notes as I'm writing this as soon as the livestream finished.

Starting off, we got a port of Fire Emblem Gaiden, which never left Japan, called Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, which to me looks like what would happen if you added RPG's like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest into Fire Emblem, so you have a mix of the strategic gameplay of Fire Emblem with town and dungeon exploration. As stupid as it sounds, which considering as it was a port of what I believe to be the second Fire Emblem game and at the time, a lot of Nintendo's direct sequels through the first game's formula out the window so I'm honestly not surprised that was the structure. As for the game itself, I may pick it up, the only thing I question about it is that its coming out exclusively for the 3DS and when it does come out, the Switch will either be out, or close to it (I didn't write down the release date), so it may get overshadowed by the new hardware. At least it has new amiibos, so can we have a FE amiibo line please?

Speaking of the Switch, I'm not going to bring up Fire Emblem Switch, because it was a "This game is a thing that exists and we have nothing to show for it" announcement. But what I am going to talk about is Fire Emblem Warriors, which if you follow the Mediaholics Youtube channel *plug* *plug* *plug*, you'd have seen that I was excited for the game just by seeing it was a thing. We got an extended look at the trailer showed in the Switch event, now finally showing gameplay, and it was what I was expecting honestly. See, Dynasty Warriors games have a "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. Basic gameplay remains the same, controls more often then not stay the same, its just the skin the game wears that changes... and I'm ok with that. Remember, I think of Hyrule Warriors and Hyrule Warriors Legends as stress relieving, turn your brain off and play kinds of games, which Fire Emblem Warriors looks to follow suit, as that appears to be Dynasty Warriors in general. Its a spectical, and I'm onboard with it. It is coming to both the Switch and the New 3DS, and for me, while I love Hyrule Warriors Legends, it was because I could take it on the go. If the Switch and N3DS versions have a cross save feature, then I may pick up both as the Switch one could be for when I'm at home or short travel times, N3DS for longer trips. No cross save though, then the only reason I'd get the N3DS version is if I don't have a switch by Spring 2017, as it had a US release in Autumn this year. The only other request I have, as I think its safe to say Robbin and Corrin are in the game, give us the option to play as both the male and female versions of them, as I honestly prefer their female versions purely on voice acting. Nothing against the voice actors, but to me the default voices for the male designs are kinda mediocre in game, so I'm guessing it was a direction issue.

Fire Emblem Heroes. Be serious with yourself, this was how they were going to do Fire Emblem on iOS and Android. Free to play, micro transactions, able to get all the heroes from the past games. The game itself looks gorgeous, but even if I had a up to date phone to run them, I would wait until reviews come out to get a feel on how the micro transactions are executed, but that's due to past experience with other Micro transaction games, you just felt that they were passive aggressive about trying to make you pay for the items. It's become a case of "You need to try harder to convince me you're different to the others" for F2P, to convince me they're "Free to play, pay to support" rather then "Free to play, pay to win". Still, it looks pretty.

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