Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Pokemon Adventures Gold, Silver and Crystal Arc: THE PODCAST IS HERE TOO!

We've gotten on several boats before we went across some kinda steep mountains. We're getting to those games soon, I promise. But hey, at least we can talk about them now. Let us go to the Jhoto region, one year after the events of Yellow, and take a peak into the life of the breeder, the trader, and the catcher.

Let us start from the beginning, a villain known as the Mask of Ice ( Call it the Kanohi Ko and you can have a Bionicle mask), also known as the Masked Man, who nine years ago at the time of the arc, so six years before the red and blue arc, kidnapped Green and Silver and trained them along side four other children to become trainers. Green and Silver managed to escape though, taking two feathers from the Masked Man which somehow set his plans back 9 years (I don't get it either). Fast forward to the present. Silver, now with the guide of Lance, is seeking out the Masked Man to stop him from whatever his plan is, and steals a pokedex and Tododile from Professor Elm, the Jhoto region's Pokemon Professor. Due to, at first, confusion then later determination, Gold takes Cyndaquill and manages to convince Professor Oak to give him a Pokedex, and sets off after Silver to first get back his stolen pokemon, which were taken by Neo Team Rocket (the revived remains of Team Rocket under leadership of the Masked Man), then to get Tododile back to return to Professor Elm, then to see what Silver's reason for doing all of this, then to actually stop the Masked Man and Neo Team Rocket. As the story goes on, we're introduced to a third trainer, Crystal, who is hired by Professor Oak to complete the Pokedex as she can catch almost anything. The arc never really focuses on the gym leaders until near the end with the Legendary beasts, as Suicune challenges almost all the Jhoto gym leaders before working along side Misty for the final battle. It is a good story, and one that was needed to give Jhoto a story because the games don't really have one, more on that another day, but as a result, it feels like an awkward mix of the Red and Blue arc, and the Yellow arc, it feels like it wants to be its own story, but is also trying to keep closely to the games. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. An example of it is the use of the GS Ball which never came to the games outside of Japan. Side note, are we ever going to get that dam ball? This arc is also longer then the other two, as it is as long as the last two arcs combined, these arcs are getting longer (At least for first time visits).

I'm not covering the look to it, as it is the same look, just with a bit more detail in it. For now, I leave you with that, and the newest episode of the podcast further down the post, or what could be salvaged from it. There won't be any Sunday reviews for the next two weeks due to future content, but there will be something on Wednesday. What that is, I don't know yet. See you all next week.

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