Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Deadpool: Anyone here know how to fix 4th walls?

A note to parents who read this. While Killing Joke and Dawn of Justice were rated R, to me, they never felt like it, so I didn't review them as such. Here, while it was still MA15+, I can see why this was rated R for the US. Consider this a warning, as I'm not going to censor this, I'm not going to sugar coat it. If you don't want your child reading something that brings attention to explicit material, stop them from reading this now.

So the plot of Deadpool is as follows. Wade Wilson is akin to a hired mercenary, but comes off as "All bark, no bite" as he doesn't seem to kill unless he has to. Dating and just proposing to his girlfriend, who is also a stripper. Keep that in mind as there are sex scenes in this movie, no major nudity, worse actively shown is a couple shots of his ass, but that's about it as other things are carefully shot so to not show them. Right after proposing, in a bit of cruel comedy, Wade passes out and a trip to the doctors office later, and he has Cancer, which will kill him. Seeing no other options, Wade accepts a procedure that would turn him into a mutant, after being tortured to the point where the mutation reveals itself, being a healing factor, and potentially heightened strength and agility, but that's never directly brought up as something only he can do now with the mutations, and not natural talent. As a result of the more disgusting side of his mutation, and because the one who did it to him is a complete fucking asshole, Wade starts to use his powers to hunt down Franklin... yes that's his name, rescue his girlfriend from him, who kidnaps her to try and lure him out, and as a result, dons the name Deadpool.This is the sort of thing I was expecting from Suicide Squad (saw it at the cinema, no review until DVD release). The stakes are low in this, its not "he's going to take over the world, you have to stop him Deadpool", he probably would if he got the chance, but Deadpool doesn't care. For this, I think it works well because smaller is better at times... someone's going to take that as a dick joke I'm sure...

While I haven't reviewed the X-Men movies here, I like many others have seen them... most of them. One thing I do like about this in comparison to the ones I have seen is that Deadpool feels like it was made by people who know what they're doing with the character, know how to take stabs at things like themselves, which is both a good thing, and a bad thing. It's good because it does lead to some good visual and verbal comedy, such as the opening credits, lines like "its such a big house yet all I see is the two of you, its like we didn't have the budget for another X-man", even the promotional material took stabs at the back end with things like (and I will paraphrase as I don't remember the whole quote) "From the company who sowed his fucking mouth shut", something that does even get kinda referenced in the movie too. What comedy isn't this kind of forth wall shattering jokes is more... childish, which does fit in with Deadpool's character, but then the issue comes with his character to some. When some of your locations include a bar full of loaded guns and drunks, along with a strip club, which is where you'll find the Stan Lee cameo of the movie, then you know what you're getting in that kind of comedy. It comes off as a teenager's version of mature, in that its not mature at all.

The comedy lines up with the characters, which do feel like they've come from the comics, so this movie you'll either really enjoy, or absolutely hate. Kinda like some other things going around in cinemas lately. While I do personally like them, and the naming of them is interesting (I do agree, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is bad-ass). Most of the characters do come down to simplistic views. Franklin: He's an asshole. Colossus: Tough Russian with a soft polite side, the older brother. NTW (because I'm not writing that name again) is a teenager. You won't be watching this for the side characters, the movie is shot so that the focus is the comedy, and Deadpool himself. Same holds true for the sound design because while the characters look like they've come from the comics, the music is generic as shit. Seen the trailers? You know the main music selection...getting a future sense of Dejavu from that now that I think about it.

Deadpool is a breath of fresh air for the superhero movies, in that its not even trying to take itself seriously. "Who's the badguy?" Some asshole. "Why are you trying to stop him?" Because he's being a fucking asshole to me. Plot over. Not everything has to be "This jerk is going to destroy the world, go stop them and their army". I appreciate that, I really do, especially after Dawn of Justice. See you all for the next review.

What are you still doing here. Review's over, close the tab. Oh, the reveal of the next review? No clue what its going to be yet, there are projects behind the scenes that need attention, so there may not be something coming out Sunday. If things go according to plan, more videos will be on their way, if not, then wednesday's going to be a small thing.

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