Saturday, 2 April 2016

Pokemon Rising Rainbow: This is the actual spelling of the game this time, I swear

So right before I got to bed last night, I found this on my Twitter feed, now I was a bit skeptical at first. A well made Pokemon fan game, by a large team, with a great visual art style, playable on computer, iOS and 3DS, every region in the main series, fan games and planned dlc for more on top of a new region and Bank support, being released on April fools... surfice to say that yeah, it was skeptical. But I was able to complete it, and I do mean complete it, unlike Zeta. So how is it?

Against all odds, still very good, surprisingly good. Visually it is.. interesting, and its not without its bugs, I unfortunately had missing textures and weird collision detection at times, but with its limited development time, things like that will happen, and might get patched our. The read me was detailed and provided a lot of information about the game, but is limited by the format of .txt, maybe a link to a open reading access Google doc would have been better, to give more structure to the information. The voice acting is well done, and did get some laughs out of me thanks to the writing.

Is it worth playing? Yes if you have the time to spare, but thankfully it is, even though it has so much content, a very short game. It is free though, so if you have the time, check it out. I know I'm being vague, but its better experienced raw, akin to Undertale, though probably not for the same reasons.

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