Sunday, 16 November 2014

PSA: Adsense for Blaster's Reviews

When I created Blaster's Reviews, I intended for this to be a long term project that would develop and grow over time. However, for some of its aspects to grow, I do need to earn some money. I've always intended to create video reviews in the future and chose not to do it straight away due to lack of personal equipment (I can rent the equipment, but at the time, I didn't know if this would be successful, I still don't, so I chose not to do it).

I am enabling a feature called "AdSence", a feature that enables advertisements to be displayed on this site once the application is approved. This hopefully won't be permanent, should the application be accepted, but for the time being, its a necessary evil, I know its annoying. Once a reliable option becomes useable, I'll disable the ads, you have my word on that. But until then...

One note on Patreon, considering the main topic, my patreon account still exists and you can find it in the "About me" section to the right. If you do enjoy my content or want to see a specific form of content (it can be anything), Patreon donators will get the priority (though I do read all requests). If you enjoy the content but hate ads, please become a Patreon supporter for the two sites.

Finally, due to the way Adsence is set up, there will not be ads on Blaster's Projects, that remains untouched by this.

Next week is still the Team Fortress 2 review so stay tuned for that

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