Wednesday, 6 August 2014

First Impressions: Far Cry 4

Is innovation that scarce in some companies that the only way they can sell a game is if they remake their last game and give it a bigger number? I'm serious about this because the only thing I've seen about Far Cry 4 that's different when comparing it to Far Cry 3 is that it has the number 4 on the box and not what its actually called, Far Cry 3 version 2. I could go on and talk about the trailers that were shown off, even the promotional artwork on steam but... its the same game.

Here's the artwork for Far Cry 3
 And here's the artwork for Far Cry 4

Yes, the background is different, but looking at the trailers, its the exact same map. Hell, even the two villains who you can see on the artwork have the exact same personality. This is just lazy development and the only reason why this didn't get more attention was because of Assassin's Creed Unity and its developers being to lazy to create a female assassin model. I know that there are people who were expecting more of a analysis, but I genuinely found nothing new to talk about. I openly admit that I don't play the Far Cry games, but after looking on other review site to get some more information, I don't have to in order to see how lazy this is. Tomorrow, the tenth squeal to a series of games that will ruin friendships (not including portables): Mario Party 10.

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