Monday, 31 March 2014

iOS and Android games. My opinions

This is more of a rant then it is a review, it should also be noted that these are just general terms and unless told otherwise, do not relate to any specific game.

iOS and Android gaming, oh how I hate thee so. Unlike most people nowadays, I couldn't give less of a crap about iOS and Android games even if I tried. To me, it is infuriating to see those games. I will admit that I have played a few and there are some I generally enjoy, but for the most part, unless its a port of a game, I don't play it.

And now for the reason why: iOS and Android apps are designed to be small, easily downloadable and easily be erased. Because of this, I feel that the games that are produced have little to no effort put into it. I want to divert your attention to Candy Crush and its developers. Candy Crush is just Bejewled with different textures. If it was just Candy Crush, I would live with it but the developers have released 2-3 other games that are, once again, BEJEWLED WITH DIFFERENT TEXTURES. All for a quick buck. If it was Candy Crush 2 or something similar then I wouldn't care as much but their claiming that its a new IP, that it is a completely new game when its anything but.

Another reason why I hate iOS and Android games, Ads and Micro Transactions. If you get a game for free off of the Apple App Store or Android App Store, then chances are, one of the two (if not both) are going to be in that version of the game. It frustrates me to no end this lame excuse for money. IF YOU WANT MONEY FOR THE GAME, THEN SELL THE GAME AND NOT PUT IT UP FOR FREE!!! I don't want to have to wait 24 hours to complete a game session, nor do I want to pay to complete said session. I don't want to pay for WHAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN INCLUDED IN THE F&!#^)! GAME TO BEGIN WITH (though I will pay for DLC, but I'll explain why at another time). I don't want to watch a add every 5 F&^$*(! minutes just to get s$%@ done.

And finally, the last nail in the coffin. The argument that iOS and Android systems are better then portable game systems. BULL@*!^. iOS and Android systems will never be able to keep up with portable consoles like the 3DS and PSVita. The reason: because their not designed to be gaming consoles, their designed to be PHONES AND MUSIC PLAYERS. They are phones and mp3 players first and games are thrown in second or at the last moment where as the 3DS and Vita, they are designed to be gaming systems. Are they more expensive? Yes. Are they worth the price? It depends on the library. Will they be going anytime soon? No, the reason: Because there will always be a market for portable gaming consoles, it might be a small market, but as long as there are the games that need the power of the portable consoles, there will be portables, even if its a laptop.

That is all that I'm going to say on the matter, I have finished my rant.

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